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tv   ABC2 News at 530PM  ABC  October 13, 2010 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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it's built to help you see your money in a whole new light. experience everything virtual wallet has to offer at pnc. for the achiever in us all. ♪ . >> we're following the developments now in chile where 25 of 33 miners have now been
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pulled to freedom. you're looking at a live picture of the mine site that's the winch pulling those men up. after 69 days underground the men are emerging to cheers and chants. the men made a smooth assent inside the capsule called phoenix 13 barely wider than their shoulders and painted in red, white and blue of the chilean flag. good evening i'm roosevelt leftwich we'll have more updates from chile as the crews get the remaining 8 men out of that mine. well, is it patriotic or a hazard regardless the condition is getting rid of this big flag in the middle of a neighborhood street. the flag has been in the middle of albert take avenue since the 4th of july an anonymous complaint set the county in action and left the neighbors
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sort of angry. at this point they have been at it for more than an hour and it still hasn't all come off but old glory was fading slowly much to the chagrin of some neighbors who liked it. >> i don't think there's anything wrong with it. if people want to express how we shoe support our troops that's one way to do it. but it was considered graffiti so the county came and said they were taking it away. >> the meticulously pained flag and words took up a quarter of a block it was big very big with a simple message. this is what it looked like since the 4th of july when neighbors say the sign mysteriously appeared in the middle of the street. mystery or not the county says it's got to go. county highway director tim burgess told abc 2 news a complaint from an anonymous neighbor brought the street flag to the attention of the county. the road pain maybe it a road hazard are. we are jest says quote
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baltimore county cannot discriminate on whether painted on public property. he adds that quote whoever did it problem did a heck of a job but you can't deface public property. after close to 2 hours of scrubbing the thing wouldn't fade. the county crew will have to come back with more removal. >> i think it's a minor thing there are way more important things that need to be done in the county that could have been done instead of paying people wasting time to do something like that cleaning it up. >> now, this display may not been appropriate for another reason. the united states flag should never ever touch the ground the fact that this was painted on the ground where traffic road over it for 4 months could be
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looked at as being disrespectful. the would like to know who did this. it tied up men for hours who could have been doing something else. taking a look at tonight's top stories police in howard county are investigating the alleged sexual assault of a 7- year-old girl. it happened last night in columbia. the girl told police she was walking home from the playground at around 7:00 when she was approached by four men who grabbed and sexually assaulted her. anyone with any information should call howard county police at 410313 stop. prince georges county police arrested a man they believe stabbed four men outside of a bar in college park. leonardo ramos of kensington was arrested. he and his brother got into an argument with the students over a seat inside the thirsty turtle bar they asked all men to leave the bar once outside the suspect stabbed the victims none of the injuries are considered to be life- threatening. baltimore city has a new tool to fight crime and gun violence in the form of a
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grant. the city got one of only 6 grants awarded in the nation to fund the city's police departments anti-gun violence efforts. the $300,000 grant will also fund the city's gun offender registry which provides intelligence to police of identity and location of convicted gun offenders. what a dramatic difference temperature wise out there today. we did see temperatures dropping about 15 to 20 degrees. so that was a sharp change in the air temps, but man beautiful sunshine again. great looking skies. in fact, we've got a live shot for you here on our harbor cam. you can see. this is the schooner race parade of course from fells point. and a lot of boats down there doing their sailing. no doubt about that. high temperatures today were around the mid-60s edge mere, arnold cockysville 72 or so in columbia and currently temperatures have dropped a little bit now generally in the 60s across the board.
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the rest of this evening we'll drop from the 60s into the 50s under mostly clear sky it will get chilly out there. we'll talk much more about the outlook for tomorrow another big change in the weather is on the way it's coming up. rosie. >> the latest now on the investigation of a man shot and killed while jet skiing along the u. s. mexico border. the head of one of the investigators was delivered to the army headquarters actually his head. the mexican army base is not far from the texas border where the head of rolando flores was sent in a suitcase. her husband had been working on the investigation into the american tourist when he didn't come home. he be headings are the calling card of the cartel. two members of well-known suspect in david hartley's death. now news around the nation this takes us to north carolina where 10-year-old sahara claire baker is still missing. her stepmother alyssa baker is
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accused of obstruction of justice crafting a fake ransom note to throw off investigation. she is being held on $40,000 bond. investigators believe someone killed 10-year-old sahara which was a two-time cancer survive. so far her body has not been found her father is cooperating with police. another reminder not to fall asleep behind the wheel folks. this is where one driver in iowa where his car ended up. the driver fell asleep at the wheel amazingly the teenage driver was not hurt but power was knocked out to 300 homes in that area. so what would you do if you were in a train station and saw someone fall right on to the tracks it happened in atlanta two guys sprang into action. >> no one tack action, so i said i better jump down this before the train comes. >> that's tony bennett who came to the aid of frank quitam after he fell onto the tracks,
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but there were high voltage lines nearby and a train could have come along at any minute. robinson pushed his way through and jumped into action as well. >> he was down this trying to get that guy by his self so i had to jump in there man do what i could. >> the men got him out safely. he became dizzy from blood pressure medication he was taking all three men are fine and frank quitam refers to his rescuers as batman and robin. a warning from the better business bureau. there is no challenging these results. the situation is off caput, done from dancing with the stars but was it an injury that caused him to miss step. likely story. [ male announcer ] martin o'malley sworn in.
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wait before you click on that purchase we've got a warning so you don't waste your money. and another live look down in chile the latest on the rescue still ahead. >> so, ah, your seat good? got the mirrors all adjusted? you can see everything ok? just stay off the freeways, all right? i don't want you going out on those yet. and leave your phone in your purse, i don't want you texting. >> daddy... ok! ok, here you go.
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. for the thousands of homeowners who lost their homes during the recession the pain was bad enough now it's believed many of those homes were foreclosed on illegally. abc 2 news reports a new investigation into the alleged fraud. >> reporter: with the help of a locksmith the family reentered their former escondido california home. the house was foreclosed on two months ago and the family was evicted but they claim the whole process was illegal so they contacted an attorney and
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moved back in. >> we decided to bring my family back and keep dreaming. >> i think the burden is on the other parties to prove that we have done something wrong. >> reporter: attorneys general in all 50 states might just agree. today they launched a joint investigation into allegations that mortgage companies broke laws in foreclosureing on homeowners when they employed robe to signers. >> it indicates that washington state foreclosures processes frequently include inaccurate documents, conflicts of interest, faulty chains of title and failures to provide required disclosures. >> reporter: last week allied bank of america and j. p. morgan chase voluntarily halted foreclosures in 23 states admitting they made mistakes. >> they were suggesting they might be able to resolve this in a matter of months. the analysts think looking at the breadth and depth it is likely to take at least a year.
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>> reporter: in some companies hired by banks are actually baking into them before the property is even in foreclosure. the hottest new thing online are the penny auctions web sites are advertising you can get brand new electronics iphones and ipads for pennies on the dollar if you sign up and start bidding. consumer reporter john m has. >> reporter: apple ipad is expected to be the hottest toy for grown-ups this holiday season, unfortunately the ipad is expensive and a lot of families can't afford the 500- dollar price before you save money buying one online we have a buyer beware. face it we'd all love to have an ipad. so you may have seen pop up ads from penny auction web sites like swipe bid, swipe auctions an bid they claim
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ipads have sold for as little as $23. here's an xbox 360 for 4 bucks. here's a mack book pro laptop computer for $14. >> but buyer beware, fortune magazine says you won't get an ipad at deep discount they don't discount. but you will be charged $149 just to register for these sites and then will be charged for every bid you make. and from the doesn't that stink file the company behind most penny auction sites the better business bureau says they are all from a company in alberta, canada, the same company that brought us all those ads for a see berry products claiming opra endorsed them. doesn't that stink. the better business bureau has hundreds of complaints about these penny auction sites in just a few months. if you're able to win a new ipad or iphone at a penny auction for just a few dollars, send meehan e-mail. i want to hear about it.
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otherwise be careful of auction sites that sound too good to be true so you don't waste your money. i'm john m. >> all right. beautiful looking day across maryland no question about that. take a look downtown man, this is just beautiful, beautiful sight. of course the big schooner race at fells point lot of sailboats in the harbor. fantastic sight. 64 degrees humidity 43%. not the warmest day to go sailing but a nice breeze and plenty of sunshine. check this out. chesapeake beech through the day. we had gorgeous sunshine here. that was a good thing, and in fact as we take a look at some of the numbers statewide. you get an idea these are exclusive weather net sites in high definition for you. georgia linea back through
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goldsboro and denton. cooler 61 right now norrisville and up in pennsylvania we've got temperatures around upper 50s. so it's cooling off. mt. airy at 59. winds have gusted around 10 to 15 today. you can see high temperatures at best low 70s down toward arlington d. c. area. right now across the entire state ocean city 65. hagerstown 64. our current winds light and out of the really you have to say variable they will turn more northerly and much cooler into the night tomorrow and certainly into friday. radar all clear statewide. little bit of rain way down into central virginia. and as we come out a little wider here bottom line is this. it is a clear weather scenario but our weather pattern begins to speed up in mid october. so what can happen is you have beautiful blue skies day in the 60s tomorrow we're talking about developing storm rushing in here bringing in the rain and the clouds making for a
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much more less pleasant day i guess we'll call it. i won't say miserable. we will see rain we will see cool temperatures we'll struggle to get out of the 50s tomorrow. it's two different areas of low pressure coming in out of the west along with another shot of cool air. that front will bring in the wind big time friday we think a pretty gusty day around here winds could be 30 miles per hour or stronger on friday. tomorrow breezy but not quite that windy but there will be rain knocking on the door by lunch time. we think that rain will come down pretty good between noon and 6:00 7 in the evening or so. a wet commute tomorrow night finally the storm system ejects north and east behind it there will be plenty of wind to deal with on friday. couple of cool days coming our way. tonight 48 clouding p but we stay dry. tomorrow we probably get a dry morning commute then into the afternoon cloudy with rain and high temperature of 60 tomorrow night down to 46 with scattered rain showers they will end late and we will look for blustery weather into the next 7 days
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here. in fact we're looking at a dry scenario saturday, sunday but still cool. only into the 60s. >> thanks wyatt. stories all new at 6:00 tonight. it is a huge problem but not a big focus of the selection. we are talking about state pensions. jeff hager takes a closer look at the massive short fall. the surprise to prepare for one student's future and be abc 2 news is there. those stories at 6:00. i thought it was crazy feeding in the fall.
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. it was down to a young woman from alaska and a young man from the jersey shore and
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only one would stay to dance on for another week on dancing with the stars. as we learned who was out george pin ago yo was there with the situation behind the scenes. >> reporter: mike the situation soften tino is the next one out. he got iced after his are general teen tango failed to catch fire with the judges or the viewers. his publicist says the lift in the dance tweaked his neck. his partner said he was in pain all day as soon as the show was over he immediately saw a doctor than on the premises. >> they finally got the doctor in. we were hoping that the doctor was going to be here before we we were hoping not to get eliminated. we know the verdict. >> reporter: store rent tino was at or near the bottom of the judge's leaderboard all four weeks he danced all four
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weeks he said he was gig it his all. as competitions go it just wasn't enough. >> what you saw on the dance floor might not have been the best he brought everything he had. that's how he approaches the life. >> off camera he's so generous giving very loving. we're going to miss him. >> it's sad we left early he had so much more in him to develop and improve and come out of the shell what's done is done now we're able to concentrate on other projects. >> reporter: the remaining 8 teams or concentrating on next week's dances. >> hypothetical knifed i don't bi-rick's hips. >> reporter: they have got the rum what, florence henderson and her partner have the tango. now if they can just get the song they want. >> we're hoping they are trying to clear the brady bunch theme. but it's not cleared yet we got our fingers crossed. >> practicing to the partridge
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family or something. >> the adams family actually. that's what we will have if we don't get the brady bunch. >> reporter: expect the music of sitcoms today mass even reality store when they tackle theme songs of television shows next week. >> brady bunch theme is tango music? more on the gigantic orange blimp flying over baltimore that story and more on abc 2 news at 6:00 which starts right now. it has been referred to as one of the biggest problems facing maryland and one of the least talked about on the campaign trail. how to pay for state retirement benefits. good evening i'm kelly swoope. tens of thousands of teachers and other state workers are living with the promise of a pension and healthcare benefits, but the state's going to have to come up with billions of dollars to pay for it. jeff hager


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